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Carolina en Turquía

Proyecto: Curso de Formación de Erasmus+ (Training Course)I would like to tell you about my experience in Turkey, specifically in Yozgat, where I participated in a Training Course (TC) called “The importance of Young People in the triangle of Active Citizenship, Elections and Democracy”.

Firstly, about the Training Course, I must say that maybe the town where it was taken place was not the most attractive place for it. However, the organization and the colleagues that were with me during the TC were simply incredible.
The TC was perfectly organized by Derya, the organiser, who had taken care of every detail: the lodging, the food, the trips, the subjects to be debate, etc.

In addition, I was really lucky to share this experience with people from The Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.

Now I can consider friends many of them because, during that experience, we were like a small family and we had a great time!

Concerning to the country, during my stay I had the opportunity to visit many cities and I can say that it is a wonderful country for which I felt in love. But what has surprised and excited me the most has been its people, -that’s why I have chosen this title for my review- extremely pleasant and respectful and, mainly, hospitable.

Among all the countries where I have been, Turkey has been the one that better treated me. People helped me unselfishly. They offered me food and drink when I was travelling in the buses -although we weren’t able to speak the same language-. I was even invited to a commitment celebration and to a Turkish traditional wedding. I did not stop dancing and I really enjoyed it!

The last weekend before my return to Spain I went to Istanbul, a magical city that is a must. I met a lot of people; everybody talked to me along the streets, I felt like at home. Even a man gives me a city tour for free.

With this review I would like to encourage everyone to participate in these projects, the place doesn’t matter. The important thing is being open minded and willing to have a good experience.

Besides I have being incredibly lucky to share this experience with a charming group, and in a country so incredible with its unique people.


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