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Izabela en A Coruña

Proyecto: Servicio Voluntario Europeo (SVE)
Duración de la movilidad: 9 meses
Organización de envío: The Robert Schuman Foundation of Poland, Varsovia, Polonia
Organización de acogida: Asociación Cultural Muxelka, A Coruña, España


Hi, my name is Izabela. I’m 29 and since October I live in A Coruna. In Poland I worked in an office.
I felt I had to change something in my life so I chose EVS program. That is also because if you want to be a participant, it is not necessary for you to have special skills – it is determination and motivation that count.
My host organization is Muxelka Asociation Cultural which leads a widespread activity in Galicia and Spain, and even on their borders taking the initiative in the field of culture and international education.
Among other tasks,  I teach Polish. This is a completely new experience for me and I hope to develop some skills which I will make use of in the future.
Why did I choose Spain? In 2014 I was on the vacation in Spain and I always wanted to learn Spanish. I found my project thanks to organization from Poland Robert Shuman Funadtion.
I made my decision very quickly. The most difficult part was to leave my friends and family. I adjust to the life here very fast though. Furthermore, the experinece of discovering foreign country and another culture is amazing. When it comes to the Spanish people, I must admit they are very helpful and friendly.  A Coruña has also wonderful atmosphere with it’s plenty of cafes and tapas bars. People here are friendly and helpful.
The time I spent here was very important because I have  developed new skills and after two months I can speak Spanish. To be honest, after finishing my project I really want to stay in Spain.
My advice is to take a chance and to try living abroad.

Izabela from Poland

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El artículo preparado en la colaboración con la Asociación Cultural Muxelka (

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