Rocío en Bélgica

Programme: European Voluntary Service
Duration of the mobility: 9 month
Hosting Organization: Rencontre des Continents


Bonjour! I’m Rocío and would like to share with you my experience as an European volunteer.

I was in Belgium and then I write these words to reflect a little on what this period could bring me, and also share with you these thoughts, so maybe some can see more clearly the diversity of projects that you can find.

My association is called Rencontre des Continents (Meeting of Continents), and is a small association that has only 3 people hired and is based in Brussels.

When I decided to come, I had a crush on them. When I read on their website their values ​​and activities they were doing, I said, this is where I want to. And fortunately, I have not regretted. I have not stopped learning and amaze every day.

I already knew the country and the language, but never enough known. I have greatly improved the French and this experience has made me see the country and its people with different eyes.

Rencontre des Continents is an association of education to the environment and North-South relations. They have a very interesting view of the world, based primarily on values ​​of solidarity, equity, ecology and respect for diversity. Try as far as possible reflect collectively the world and the system in which we live, analyze the existing problems and to support and accompany alternative projects. Used as a gateway theme and as a tool of power.

Among many other things, and more specifically, I could make animations both associative environment and school environment, assist in conducting educational tools and the design and organization of training, I learned how to make (very good “eco cuisine” by the way!) …

Socially, I have had contact with people from all kinds of culture and moving in a completely multicultural context, and I have not stopped to meet people in the industry and working in collaboration with many other associations and also have about 30 volunteers committed and charming.

I have been fortunate to participate in everything they do and also have given me enough freedom to take initiatives. This has allowed me to immerse myself completely in philosophy and learn that other worlds are possible and necessary and just imagine them, believe them, and build them together.


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