Summer Jobs in the United States of America

Many cultural exchange programs for young people supported by the United States Department of State provide the opportunity to visit US, and experience American culture for several month or years. But not every student can afford to bear the cost of such a long stay in the US at his own expense. Work & Travel is one of the cultural exchange programs designed for these young people who under normal circumstances would be unable to afford to come to America for three or four months. This program makes it possible to finance the trip and other expenses due to temporary employment in the US.

If you are a student and want to spend the holidays traveling but at the same time you would like to work and gain some pocket money, such cultural exchange program as Work & Travel will allow you to combine these two things. It is a wonderful opportunity to combine the trip to USA with work, and receive vocational skills while improving English language.  And apart from the gain of additional income and improvement of the English language, students acquire skills and work experience that will surely be useful for them later in professional life. Long journey is a great way to learn and improve the language ​​and to study in depth the culture of another country.

Every year, thousands of students gain experience abroad, becoming participants in the Work & Travel USA program. Close daily contact with the locals gives them a chance to experience the country, culture, language, and a completely different lifestyle. Participants return home with a much more valuable prize than the money earned by them. They advance from the professional point of view, make many friends from all around the world, improve their English and gain self-confidence.

For more detailed information about the eligibility, fees and conditions of application for this program visit the Work & Travel  webpage on the website of the Embassy of the United States Spain. Also there you can find a list of organizations which are associated with American designated sponsors to select participants for this program, and you can contact one of these organizations to help you with the application.

You can access this video to see other participants describing their experience in US.